Update: Trailer is out, added below! Emile Hirsch in full ‘Speed’ gear, Rain (South Korean pop sensation Bi) about to knock Speed out, the Mach 5 car on a crazy psychedelic racetrack, Christina Ricci and everyone else in funny haircuts — it can only mean one thing: Speed Racer pictures from the upcoming Wachowski Brother’s(The […]

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clumproll on July 25th, 2007

Studio Flying, makers of the love-it-or-hate-it potty humor feature animation AAchi & SSipak, have put up still images from their latest project, Mad Monkey. Twitch surmises it’s a direct-to-DVD and according to the company website’s news section, it is indeed listed as an “HD project for DVD.” The images seem to keep the raw, un-clean […]

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Doha’s webcomic manhwa gets the K-Drama TV treatment with MC Mong and a prime-time slot.

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