Big 4: I Am a Singer concert in LA - JAURIM, Jang Hye-Jin, Vibe, Kim Johan

The headline says it all. Jaurim, Jang Hyejin, Vibe and Kim Johan – Four acts from Korea’s hit survival-singing reality show are headed for a one-night concert in Los Angeles on March 9th, 2012.

The concert is apparently to celebrate the opening of a new Los Angeles-area Korean-language radio station, Radio K 1230 AM.

I will remind you these artists coming to the U.S. does not happen often, let alone outside of Korea. But I won’t bother with explanations on who they are or their music — you all probably know how big of a deal they are, plus Indieful ROK has excellent episode commentaries of the reality singing show, and do check for all your K-Indie/K-Rock news.

Below, I’ve translated much of the ticket ordering information from Korean.

NOTE: going to check if phone orders or in-person purchase without online ordering is possible. (2/23 12pm)

I’ll try to keep this page updated with any new info in English on the tickets and changes in the ordering situation. If you have any questions or suggestions on this info page or the concert, comment below or better yet, hit me up on twitter: clumproll, and I will try to find out, thanks.
(I myself may have scheduling conflicts :sadface: so please go and rock out on my behalf!)

Good luck, enjoy the show, and tell your friends – a chance like this doesn’t happen often!


► Time & Date: Friday, March 9th, 2012 – 8PM ◄

► Place: Shrine Auditorium (700 West 32nd Street, LA, CA 90007) ◄(Parking and Directions)

► Featuring: ◄

  • Jaurim (Kim Yoon-ah, Lee Sun-kyu, Goo Tae-hoon, Kim Jin-man)
    자우림 (김윤아, 이선규, 구태훈, 김진만)
  • Jang Hye-jin 장혜진
  • Kim Jo-han 김조한
  • Vibe (Ryu Jae-hyun, Yoon Min-soo) 바이브 (윤민수, 류재현)

► How to Purchase tickets online ◄

Tickets range from $50 (far Balcony) to $150 (Main Floor AAA).

The official and only site for ticket purchasing is this page on, which is operated by the US-based newspaper, Korea Daily.

To buy online tickets or even check what seats are available, you must first register for the site: You can do that here: Registration

Google Translate works pretty well for the input form, but you are required to input at least one address, phone and email, as well as your country of residence/citizenship. (The site is intended for the immigrant and Korean community so this is expected.)

Select a ticket price class and after a search in that zone, a seating map will show the your row and seat.
If you want contiguous seats for your friends, it’s recommended to do so in a single search.

Here are seat maps on the slightly faster Twitpic with price indicators since the Korean website is slower to load the full size.
Shrine Auditorium, LA, CA -Main Floor -on TwitpicShrine Auditorium -Main Floor -on Twitpic
Shrine Auditorium, LA, CA -Balcony -on TwitpicShrine Auditorium -Balcony -on Twitpic

► How to Receive your Tickets (after ordering online) ◄

1. Mail Delivery of Tickets

– Expected delivery time in the greater L.A. area is 1-2 days, and may take longer depending on distance.
– Please double check when entering your Shipping Address to receive tickets

2. Pick up

– After purchasing online, you can pick up the actual ticket from the Central Ticket Center (Joongang Ticket Master 중앙티켓센터) located at the LA Koreatown Galleria, in front of the 2nd Floor Fountain
(example: After purchasing online on 2/8, pick up in-person on 2/9)2

– Ticket pickup time : Through March 5, 2012
– Ticket pickup location: Joongang Ticket Master (phone: 213-784-4628)
LA Koreatown Galleria, in front of the 2nd Floor Fountain
3250 W. Olympic Blvd. 2nd Floor, LA, CA 90006 (Google Map)
– Joongang Ticket Master operating hours: Weekdays 10 AM – 7 PM (Lunch break 1-2PM, Closed on Sat, Sun, and Holidays)

► Tickets, Entry and Concert Regulations ◄

1. Please enter at least 15 minutes prior to start of show.
2. Food and drink from outside the venue is prohibited, and photography and videography of the show is also prohibited.

Based on information from (in Korean):


▶ 공연일시: 2012년 3월 9일(금) 오후 8시

▶ 공연장소: Shrine Auditorium (700 West 32nd Street, LA, CA 90007) (주차정보/Map 자세히 보기)

▶ 출연진: 자우림(김윤아, 이선규, 구태훈, 김진만), 장혜진, 김조한, 바이브(윤민수, 류재현)

Los Angeles를 흔들 그들이 온다.

“나가수 빅4 콘서트” – 최고의 음악 향연이 LA를 강타한다

우리방송은 개국을 기념하여 “나가수 빅4 콘서트”를 다음과 같이 개최합니다.

LA 최고의 콘서트 홀에서 진행되는 “나가수 빅4 콘서트”에 오셔서 진한 감동을 받으시기 바랍니다.

일시: 2012년 3월 9일 오후 8시

장소: Shrine Auditorium (649 Jefferson Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90007)

출연가수: 자우림(김윤아, 이선규, 구태훈, 김진만), 김조한, 장혜진, 바이브(윤민수, 류재현)

티켓 예매 관련 문의처 : 213-674-5900

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