Michel Ancel says sequel game is in pre-production.

Michel Ancel says sequel game is in pre-production.

[UPDATE] Ubisoft officially confirmed the game with a teaser trailer! May 28, 2008

Knighted video game designer Michel Ancel revealed in an interview with JeuxVideo that a sequel to the critically- acclaimed commercial failure Beyond Good & Evil is currently in pre-production. A team of 10 to 12 people are working on the game, and for some head-scratching reason Ubisoft is not yet giving the full green-light for the project to go into real production phase. BG&E may have been a commercial failure but scour the nets and you’ll find legions of fans that are still joining the party after finding the gem of a game in bargain-bins– and those remaining copies are fast drying up; should you want yours, I suggest running to your nearest retailer (bonus hint: it was released in 2003 for the PS2, Xbox, Gamecube and Windows PC).

Anyway, make this game Ubisoft! No dilly-dallyin’! Re-release the first BG&E (so the rest of the world can play the increasingly hard-to-find title) with a coupon for the sequel, bundle the first game when the sequel comes out, whatever, just don’t let it die in a basement somewhere, ‘kay? The way I see it is, even if you move it to production now, it’ll still be 2 years too long for us players to get to it in stores, so chop-chop, I say!

Imagine, a remake of the first game on the Wii, like Capcom did for Okami (just make sure to do something more than just shake-motions like you did for the Prince of Persia 2 remake for the Wii, Ubisoft! — I can see it now, the Dai-jo-wielding, the picture-taking are perfect for the Wii-mote), and the sequel on all current-gen platforms – Wii, PS3, Xbox360 – plus the PS2 (since it looks like it’ll be around for another 5 years).

As adventure games go, BG&E is one of the finest I’ve played, and just to give you an idea, let me say this: when I upgraded from my Gamecube to the Wii (otherwise known as “Gamecube 1.5”) I traded/sold/gave away all of my ‘cube games except BG&E and Legend of Zelda: Windwaker. Sure the story’s been done before (uncovering the workings of a government conspiracy beyond measure) but sneaking around as a journalist with a camera and infiltrating restrticted areas hasn’t been this much fun since trying to get into the girls’ changing room! I kid, I kid (for that you’d have to play Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – you’ll know what I’m talking about). Plus, in BG&E you get a walking, talking pig as a sidekick! (watch the trailer below – no pigs in it, though – and a link to a thoughtful review from way back when in 2004.)

Trailer for Beyond Good and Evil from Ubisoft

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