Beautiful Katamari might be go to PS3, but for now only on Xbox 360

Just a small update. There was much confusion of Beautiful Katamari showing up on various promotional material that it will appear on PS3 and even the Wii. In fact it’s been covered and corrected many times over that Beautiful will indeed be only for Xbox 360. 1up brings clarification that a new Katamari game will be coming our way soon to the PS3, according to Beautiful Katamari director Jun Morikawa at the Tokyo Game Show 2007. Likely not an exact port of Beautiful to the PS3 but some variation (and the name probably won’t be the same). Morikawa also “hinted at” a Wii version. So once again, PS3 version, definitely. Wii version, maybe. All I can say is yes, more please — at least until I get tired of it (which isn’t now).

In related news, 1up also has a preview of Beautiful Katamari on the Xbox 360 from TGS2007 and cites, among other things, the 1080p eye-popping factor and fun minigame sections during the reduced loadtimes. Online/downloadable content will apparently be a big focus of the game as well. Read the full preview here.

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