'Mad Monkey' from Studio Flying

'Mad Monkey' from Studio Flying

Studio Flying, makers of the love-it-or-hate-it potty humor feature animation AAchi & SSipak, have put up still images from their latest project, Mad Monkey.

Twitch surmises it’s a direct-to-DVD and according to the company website’s news section, it is indeed listed as an “HD project for DVD.” The images seem to keep the raw, un-clean outline look of A&S, which would probably fit the context well of what will likely be lots of action and fighting. The stills also seem to suggest a more serious tone, plotwise. Here’s to hoping it’s anywhere between the swift stylization of Samurai Jack and the recently-reimagined Samurai 7 in tone.

Here’s their short synopsis from their website, translated by yours truly.

The Six Warriors’ Saga

X-Men, Batman, Hell Boy.. What if the likes of these superheroes existed in ancient Eastern history?
In a time that we never learned about nor have any record of, in a strange, unknown past…

Rather than be taken as history, an age that feels more like
a legend or fairy tale. Six warriors ventured to the end of the world
and knocked on the “Gate of Hell.” Because of their fearless daring,
people call them ____ [translator’s note: the original Korean text leaves out words, what I assume should be “Mad Monkey”].

A tale about a band of six men, Six Warriors, that lived on while posessing both the anguish of humans and the power of supernaturals.

X맨, 배트맨, 헬보이… 동양고대사에 이런 슈퍼히어로가 존재했다면 어떨까?!  우리가 배운 적 없고 어디에도 기록되어 있지 않은 미지의 과거 어느때…
역사로서 인식되기보다 전설이나 설화로 느껴지는 고대 대륙의 시대. 세상의 끝까지 나아가 ‘지옥의 문’을 두드린 여섯명의 무사.  그들의 흉폭함으로 인해 사람들을 그들을라 부른다.
인간의 고뇌와 초인의 파워를 동시에 지닌채 살아갔던 여섯명의 무사, 육부대, 의 이야기.

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