Norn is a new non-playable race in Guild Wars: Eye of the North expansion

Norn is a new non-playable race in Guild Wars: Eye of the North expansion

After nearly 2 months of previews and cover articles in print magazines around the world, and interview/sneak-peek features at gaming websites, NCsoft and ArenaNet have finally announced release details for the first (and probably only) expansion pack for Guild Wars as we know it: Eye of the North hits store shelves on August 31, at $39.99. That’s the price for North America, while it’ll be €34.99 for those in Europe. It will also be available through the PlayNC online store system as a download that day.

While the expansion covers the already-known continent of Tyria that was first introduced in the original Guild Wars game (the “Prophecies” campaign, as fans know it), Eye of the North will focus its eye on the northern part of that continent (durr. i couldn’t help myself, my first pun-in-a-post) — an area that will introduce 150 new skills, and of course more dungeons, items and weapons. And don’t forget the 4 new races in the storyline, some of which should be playable in GW2.

If you haven’t been keeping track, the game is the only way for

“[…] players to carry the legacy of their characters into the upcoming Guild Wars 2. The Hall of Monuments will allow players to preserve their accomplishments and titles from Guild Wars, Factions, and Nightfall, which can then be claimed in Guild Wars 2.”

which is to say that although GW2 will kick ass in its own right, they really want us to buy the expansion first, and then buy GW2.

Well, I’m at their mercy – bought every iteration of GW so far and will probably keep doing so, even though my in-game time’s been reduced to 3 hours a month at most. Somebody wanna go PvE with me so I can finish these campaigns? Hit me up! my game ID is Vikael Colsway.

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